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Why Vivamos Spanish?

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Our program was designed to fulfill the needs of Spanish teachers & students that hadn’t yet been met with alternative approaches. We stand out because we’re… 

Flexible! Our structured framework is balanced with versatile, open-ended activities, allowing teachers the freedom to plan lessons that are most suitable for their personal classrooms.

Cumulative! Each of our 8 levels meet clearly-defined objectives that allow students to seamlessly build upon their knowledge each year, which culminates in a truly robust understanding of the Spanish language. 

Imaginative! With our lively activities & creative approach to teaching language concepts, children absorb new information at an accelerated pace…all while having fun! 


Program Materials

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All of our program components are designed to wonderfully complement one another, resulting in a streamlined, yet versatile, learning environment.

Vivamos Spanish Program Materials Include: 1 comprehensive textbook for all grades, 8 leveled workbooks and accompanying teacher guides, a membership website, and a range of vibrant teaching resources.
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Level Objectives

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The 8 levels of our program create the structured framework for our curriculum. As students progress each year, they seamlessly build upon the foundation of knowledge that they developed in the years prior. This guarantees a robust, well-rounded familiarity & comfort with the Spanish language by the time they reach the culmination of the program.

The 8 workbook levels of the Vivamos Spanish program with descriptions of what students will learn during each level.
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Contact us with any questions or take a closer look at our curriculum framework!

Program Reviews

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Vivamos Spanish began as a passion project with the desire to make both teaching & learning Spanish streamlined & fun. We are humbled by the feedback we receive from parents, tutors, teachers, administrators, & students from all over the world!

"Nothing compares to Vivamos. As a teacher, I would totally recommend it to anyone that is looking for a Spanish program for their school. The games, the stories and the songs make this program colorful, fun and engaging to every student, regardless of their skill level or the age.”

- Spanish Teacher

"Both of my children have learned so much in just 2 years. We took a family vacation to Mexico and I was so impressed to see my kids engaging in conversations and helping my husband and I navigate through menus!”

- Parent

"These past few years, I have elevated from a shy kid that barely knew the colors in Spanish to a confident, developing Spanish-speaker. I started as a blank state, but with this program, I have learned so much. I rate Vivamos 11/10.”

- Student

"Teaching a second language is never easy, but this program is so complete and well-thought-out that it certainly facilitates my job. It is kid-friendly, interactive, flexible, and just amazing!”

- Spanish Tutor

"A tried-and-proven, engaging program that has helped many students from different backgrounds and learning styles become confident and successful Spanish speakers.”

- School Administrator

Children sitting in front of a chalkboard pointing to the Vivamos Spanish logo with a piece of chalk, welcoming the site visitor to contact Vivamos Spanish to learn more information about the program.
Vivamos Spanish logo with children jumping in the air exclaiming, "Spanish is fun!"

We'd love to share further info with you!

Interested in learning more about our program?

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