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Student Creations

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While designing the program, we consulted with actual students at each grade level to ensure that activities & curriculum would always enchant & captivate future learners. We are endlessly inspired by the incredible students of Vivamos Spanish! Click any image for a closer look.


Worldwide Teaching

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Fill your child's extracurricular time with enriching online language learning via live video! Each experienced teacher is diligently selected & meticulously trained to ensure that every student is taught with Vivamos Spanish methods.


Contact us for a free meet-&-greet where we learn about your child's unique needs & match them with the perfect teacher!

A child sitting in front of her computer during an online Spanish teaching session, and her Vivamos Teacher is displayed on the screen.

Meet some of our amazing online teachers!

A Spanish teacher named Nidia


Energetic & driven, Nidia is a twenty-year veteran Spanish teacher who currently lives in Mexico City. Speaking three languages fluently & currently learning her fourth, Nidia loves sharing her passion for languages with her students.

A Spanish teacher named Katherine


Katherine is a native of Colombia, & has taught Spanish for many years. She loves seeing her students progress from beginners to fluent Spanish-speakers! She has a degree in Bilingual Education from the Universidad del Bosque in Bogota, Colombia, & looks forward to seeing you soon in her fun classes!

A Spanish teacher named Maria Paula

Maria Paula

Maria  Paula truly loves incorporating a variety of activities within her classes, such as art projects, singing, & acting out stories, to keep students excited & engaged. Maria Paula is currently a bilingual  teacher in an elementary school in Colombia.

A Spanish teacher named Elisita teaching her class


Elisita is a native of Mexico. As a mother to young children, she loves teaching children

& encouraging them as they develop language skills. She is charismatic, energetic, & has been working with young learners for over 10 years!

A Spanish teacher named Lupita


Loved by her students, Lupita brings enthusiasm & joy to her online Spanish lessons. She she earned her Masters in Educational Science & currently lives in Mexico where she works in laboratories dedicated to language didactics.

A Spanish teacher named Brenda


Brenda is a native of the U.S. & Mexico. Over the past decade, her teaching journey has unfolded through various channels, including volunteer work, tutoring, and leading teams of educators. She finds genuine joy in teaching children, viewing it not just as a profession but as a true calling. 


Language Immersion Trips

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Vivamos Spanish proudly collaborates with La Distribuzione to offer incredible language immersion trips to their farm in Ecuador. Students embark upon a cultural adventure, learning the true meaning of farm-to-table food, & exploring Ecuadorian heritage through hands-on activities. In one week, students will discover charming restaurants & museums, hike & fish, feed animals & garden on the farm, learn how to make cheese & pasta, visit a chocolate factory to make their own chocolate, go horseback riding, ziplining, kayaking, & so much more! Students will return home with wonderful memories, new cultural perspectives, enhanced language skills, & the gratifying feeling of having stepped outside of their comfort zone. Contact us to learn more about arranging a life-changing trip for your school's students!

Learning a language extends far beyond the classroom!

Scenery and food at the Ecuadorian farm, La Distribuzione.
Children sitting in front of a chalkboard pointing to the Vivamos Spanish logo with a piece of chalk, welcoming the site visitor to contact Vivamos Spanish to learn more information about the program.
Vivamos Spanish logo with children jumping in the air exclaiming, "Spanish is fun!"

We'd love to share further info with you!

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