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Welcome to our 2024-25

Curriculum Framework Guide!

Overview of why the Vivamos Spanish program is unique and special
Overview of the materials that comprise the Vivamos Spanish program
Our textbook is uniquely applicable to all grades, allowing for streamlined lesson planning & adaptable activities
Each Mini Lesson in the textbook focuses on teaching a specific language concept
Each vocabulary word pairs with a unique image, which fast-tracks language acquisition
Explanation of our program's sentence-building process, making use of vibrant images for strong word recognition
The 8 workbook covers that showcase the 8 levels of the program
The special Mix-and-Match workbook pages, demonstrating how children at various skill levels can work on the same page.
A Teacher Guide accompanies each workbook level, providing a concise explanation of the objectives & activities on each page
Upon program completion, students will feel comfortable reading, writing, speaking, understanding, & presenting in Spanish
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