Hola Español Impressions


"A "tried and proven", engaging K-6 grade program, that has helped many students, from different backgrounds and learning styles become confident and successful Spanish speakers."


"Both of my children have learned so much in just 2 years. We took a family vacation to Mexico and I was so impressed to see my kids engaging in conversations and helping my husband and I navigate through the menu."


"Teaching a second language is never easy, but this program is so complete and well thought that it certainly facilitates my job. It is kid friendly, interactive, flexible- Just amazing."


"This past few years, I have elevated arm shy kid that belly knew the colors in Spanish to a confident  developing  Spanish speaker. I started as a blank state, but with this program I have learned so much.I rate this program 11/10"


"There is nothing that compares to Hola Español.  As a teacher I would totally recommend it to anyone that is looking for a Spanish program for their school. The games, the stories, the songs make this program colorful, fun and engaging to every students no matter the level or the age."