More than a collection of exceptional resources

This program was developed to challenge and engage children from different ages, and learning styles. However in order to fully attend the diverse needs of every student in the classroom, it is crucial to comprehend how to effectively utilize this program and its resources.

On one hand, each chapter contains a set of concepts and skills that are meant to be taught progressively, and can be used as a complete 7-year program.  On the other hand, children who are accelerated learners, or are starting out with less Spanish exposure, can personalize their learning by using the same platform to meet them where they, and their needs, lie.

Each chapter, unit, mini lesson and activity, in the Textbook, Workbooks, any of the games or other program resources, whilst it has a predetermined moment and order, it is also meant to be adapted for each classroom, and personalized to scaffold each and every student to achieve their learning goals.  

For example, in the first chapter of the Textbook you will find an A-Z vocabulary that will help Kindergarten students learn the Spanish ABC, but that can also guide 6th graders to build sentences, stories and even scripts with a wide range vocabulary. It can also be be used for students in other grades or levels, that have not had Spanish exposure before, to acquire vocabulary while they parallel learn the same skills than their class.

Another example are our Workbook Projects. While they can be perfect to holistically review an entire year or learning, with the adequate guidance it can also be used for new students to level with the general group, or for an advance student to challenge him or herself while motivating the entire class.


Let's take your Spanish class further

Hola Español is more than a collection of exceptional resources for your Spanish class. This is why, included with our School package, teachers will be able to assist Teaching Development Program.
This "inside the classroom" opportunity will allow teachers to familiarize themselves with Hola Español resources, routines, classroom set up, and trained educators.
Let us help you to build the ideal Spanish classroom, where everyone can learn.




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