“It is every man’s obligation       to put back into the world 

      at least the equivalent           of what he takes out of it.” 

 ―Albert Einstein

               Asociación Crear

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Together with the Crear foundation, Spanish for Elementary helps to provide free education  and resources to the youth  in the rural community of Samara in Costa Rica.

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Nestled in the beautiful center of Playa Sámara, in Guanacaste Costa Rica, CREAR provides supplementary educational, recreational and career opportunities to members of the rural beach communities surrounding Playa Sámara.


CREAR has developed a working relationship with the health clinic in the community. We have had volunteers helping provide information on nutrition, diabetes, general hygiene, and more. We are able to set up specific projects through the health clinic based on a group’s area of expertise.

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The program is offered primarily to community youth with limited resources, CREAR’s innovative programs focus on creative and artistic expression, English language development, socio-cultural responsibility and women’s empowerment.


The volunteer activities available differ depending on the group's demographics, size, age and expertise. Activities include working with children (e.g planning fun activities, sports clinics, science  experiments), teaching English, helping with environmental conservation, refurbishing the health clinic and having nutrition or hygiene fairs.

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