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Vivamos Spanish is a comprehensive Spanish-as-a-second language program designed to challenge & engage children from grades PK-6. We depart from traditional teaching models to adopt a more holistic & progressive approach toward language acquisition. Elementary schools & teachers across the world continue to fall in love with our modern methods!

Vivamos Spanish logo with children jumping in the air exclaiming, "Spanish is fun!"

Created by a teacher.
Inspired by her students.
Focused on Fun!

Our Program

Students & Spanish teachers have always been at the heart of our inspiration. We aim to make learning imaginative & interactive for students while ensuring that our curriculum is flexible & adaptable for teachers. With Vivamos Spanish, students will experience learning a second language in an enchanting way through exciting games, songs, skits, & much more, all while working toward defined objectives.

Vivamos Spanish textbook for all skill levels, written by Claudia Zurek, with children jumping in the air exclaiming, "Fun Spanish program for kids!"
Spanish for Elementary

"Every child

is an artist.

Learning is

more fun when we all become artists.”

Preschool Class

There is nothing

that compares

to Vivamos!

- Spanish Teacher

Student Raising Hand

I started as a blank slate, but with this program, I've learned so much.

- Student


My children have learned so much in just two years.

- Parent

Children sitting in front of a chalkboard pointing to the Vivamos Spanish logo with a piece of chalk, welcoming the site visitor to contact Vivamos Spanish to learn more information about the program.
Vivamos Spanish logo with children jumping in the air exclaiming, "Spanish is fun!"

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